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We elders know very well how much you love tales. However, this book differs from common tale books. True, here, in this tale told by granddad Mardan to his grandchildren during seven nights, you will be amazed at the wisdom of Anig shah, rejoice at the bravery of Toomar the Wrestler and his son Orkhan, admit failure of Zaval shah’s, the witch’s and the genie’s evil actions as a matter of course. However, we do not aim only at this. We want you to be acquainted in advance with some of the problems you are going to face in life, and to know where from and how the incomes accumulate in the state budget and where they come from. What is that means spent on? Or else, why does the power of state depend on each of us? We want you to do the exercises given here by yourselves. Then you will be able to remember the new concepts much better. The book contains a lot of proverbs and sayings. They make it possible to express an idea in a more accurate and brief way. Try to understand deeply these wise and edifying sayings and be able to use them in due time.